Is Matchmaking Necessary Today?

Is Matchmaking Necessary Today?

January 18, 2021

How do people meet their future partner? Today, there are numerous ways to meet your future significant other. Ideally, you’d meet them without even trying. Serendipity. You two are at the perfect place, at the perfect time, and in the perfect match! But let’s be realistic, chances are you’re too busy working, or too busy texting, or too busy thinking to notice the person who just walked past you. And with the masks on and social distancing, your chances in meeting the right partner are less than ideal. You’d be considered lucky if you have family, friends, or coworkers trying to introduce you to someone they know. What about those who moved away from their families to start new careers? What about those in school finishing up their Masters and PhDs? What about those who don’t necessarily follow their families’ traditions? What about those who are divorced? What about those who exhausted all their resources? What about those who can’t catch a break?
Using a matchmaking service can be quite empowering actually. It means you’ve identified that you would like some help in finding your spouse. When you register with a matchmaking service, you get to complete a profile, and tell your matchmaker about what qualities in a partner you’re looking for. The matchmaker willingly becomes an extension of you… looking for your partner, approaching different potentials without any hesitation, or worry. They make the search that much easier. The best part about hiring matchmakers to conduct your search is that they are passionate people who are longing to create the next perfect match.

Customized Service

Matchmaking is a customized service. There is no app or swiping. It’s more like saying your must haves, and praying! There are no guarantees. Introduction (leading to marriage) is a matter of the heart.  Matchmakers make the search a little bit easier by bringing two potentials together. Once you’ve been introduced, the rest is on you, as it should be.

Private and Confidential

At Matchbox, your search is done offline. No one has access to your information except the matchmaker. The information you share about your life with your matchmakers is meant to make the search more efficient and refined.

No Judgment

You can rest assured that the one thing you’re worried to share with your own family and friends, you can feel safe to share with your matchmakers. There is a possibility, you’re not the only one that feels that way and the matchmakers can match you with someone similar or someone who will embrace you with arms open wide. 

Larger Network

Matchmakers are social butterflies that have connections almost everywhere!  Whether they are matchmaking in the same city they were born in or they moved around from city to city, these matchmakers have no doubt made acquaintances, friends, and Facebook connections along the way.  They know people, and they know people who know people! One of those people, could you be your future partner.

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