Poem: The Man I Want

Poem: The Man I Want

February 22, 2021

I spoke with a young woman today

and this is what she had to say:


I am looking for a man who is 6 ft tall

He should not have a moustache, a beard that’s all.


He should love me and provide me with a beautiful home

and for our honeymoon we must go to Rome.


He must stand to attention when my family we host

‘cause these are the people I really love most.


When he comes home from work after toiling all day

He must smile at me first and say I missed you today.


When I am busy with my work he must offer help with kids

There should never be a word to say he forbids


He must worship Allah and always say his prayers

He should be a man of depth with more than one layer.


His minimum income should be 100K if nothing more

In the future he must be promoted, of this I must be sure.


He cannot have bad habits of any sort, please

Because if he does, our marriage will cease


I scratched my head and started looking for such a man

Until I realized he does not exist no more


The good ones we have had were declined by the girls

They had asked for a diamond and we found them a pearl.


No one ever called me to say I am looking for good hearted one

Can we compromise on one of your wishes, what is this? None.


Everyone is looking for Ertugrul riding his horse

If we all continue this way there will be nothing but remorse.


To have Ertugrul in your life, Halime you will need to be

You must look past the surface and the inside see.


To have Ertugrul in your life you must accept Hayme as well

make his troubles your own, and in a tent dwell.


When you find a well mannered man with intellect and faith

All the rest of the list is just icing on the cake.

Stand with a man that honours you and knows your worth

Hold on tight to his hand instead of scouring the Earth.

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