June 13, 2020

Matchbox unveils the methods behind its matching process and what truly separates it from the conventional matchmaking circuit.

It has become immensely difficult to find the right partner these days with whom you are willing to secure your happily ever after. Not to mention the contemporary circumstances where people are forced to isolate and confine themselves within their houses. The COVID’19 has established a severe state of inertia especially for those who were deeply indulged in a socializing work environment. They have now been compelled to observe loneliness and avoid human interaction at all times.

Matchbox has latched itself against the practical narratives that the people have developed over the years when it comes to the concept of marriage, and so it strongly believes that it is important to have a partner who constantly works with you to make your marriage a successful one. So, we will help you to better understand our operations, and although we are not going to fully disclose our secret ingredient, we thought that it would be just right to share with you the main ones that will blow your minds.



Matchbox takes your desires and love interests quite seriously and it ensures that a serious commitment takes place through the right match. We know that there are people who are tremendously busy and they do not wish to indulge in non-serious relationships. And unlike your conventional dating applications where you meet people only for the purpose of temporary dating, Matchbox only identifies users who are ready to make a firm commitment through marriage that is why it is specifically a matrimonial service for people residing in the Northern American Continent and in Canada.

Single Muslims in a FIX, finding the right match

According to the contemporary circumstances there seems to be a firm sense of commitment residing within the single Muslims, and they are enormously invested into getting to know each other before meeting up. Through the utilization of the Matchbox platform it has become paramount and in a sense inevitable for single Muslims to provide a fair chance to their potential partners rather than brushing them off or peculiarly avoiding them because of some insignificant or obscure reason. The practice was once quite excessively prevalent because of the other dating applications which provide their users with the option of obscurely ghost their potential partners by serving too many available options. It has been a frequent practice in the past and it still continues to prevail that due to certain dating applications a great number of individuals were in the habitual practice of jumping from one person to another due to petty and doltish reasons instead of establishing a firm commitment.


Matchbox keeps all the prevailing circumstances of the past and present in view, and it maintains a view of long term progression for the future as well. The establishment of a firm commitment is quite perceptive when it comes to Matchbox because most of the customers happen to be professional Muslims, who hail from various fields in North America, and the severity of their professionalism doesn’t really allow them to mingle with other people; exceptions for time can only be made during the weekends. The CEO and Founder of Matchbox, Faiza Khan had the following to add when asked for her opinion about the use of Matchbox amidst the chaos that Covid-19 has been.

“Since the users are highly professional individuals who are deeply indulged with their daily routines, we have sorted their predicament of not having enough time to look for partner by providing the facility of designated professional matchmakers to perform their search task for them,”

She further adds.

“Our preference of dealing is reserved for professional individuals who don’t have enough time to socialize with new people and the people who are not active enough on the social media, or they might not have the energy or time to delve in such activities.”

Ever since the spread of the COVID’19 most of the individuals who had been rigorously busy with their routinely lives have now been unexpectedly clouded with enough time to ponder and think. The lock-down has enforced the practice of staying at home, and this practice is making the individuals who were once busy think about who they would want as their partner, and this ultimately opens the opportunity for our professional matchmakers to better understand and communicate their interests. Through this methodology and the uncalled lock-down will allow these individuals to connect and invest enough time to think about their potential matches and they will be facilitated with the desired explanations.


What do the Numbers Say!

Our research indicates that a significant spike occurred during this lock-down, and Matchbox has seen a massive 70% rise in signups ever since the lock-down has been imposed. Before the introduction of Matchbox an enormous number of people were relying on Matrimonial sites and dating applications to find love, but the implications projected that the outcomes were not resolving the dilemmas of the people and they were not ending up with proper commitments. Ergo, it may perceptively be detected the applications and websites were not fulfilling the purpose they were created for.

Matchbox aims to change the conventional approach associated with Muslims and their relationships.
“We are living in a time of great changes and we can evidently see that more changes are forthcoming, single Muslims are now in command of choosing who they want to marry rather than relying on the traditional roots of arranged marriages,”
Says Faiza.

She also states that while Matchbox aims to vanquish the stereotypical views, it vigorously aims to maintain the respect and privacy for its client considering how valuable the aforesaid are these days. She believes that this pandemic has allowed people to straighten out their priorities.
“It is quite important to choose a partner who is compatible and shares similar values because a lot of couples are forced to spend time at home with one another which they apparently did not (unintentionally)  while living their lives and working . They now have plenty of time on their hands.”

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